Queenborough Rise Aged Care Facility.


The shape and layout of the nursing home facility was driven by the clients operational brief. The central hub of the building houses all staff and communal resident facilities. These facilities are linked by the arc of a central corridor from which the bedroom wings radiate. Our client came to us with the brief to create an environment that changes the perception of the Nursing Home institution, a commercial facility that offers domestic qualities. 


The angled bays of the Bedroom Wings provide each resident with sunlight, external views, privacy and internally create the illusion of a larger space. Tapered courtyard spaces are conveniently formed between opposing bedroom wings, creating sheltered, sunny and secure areas for the residents.

This unique planning configuration allows an effective use of staff supervision, simplified access to utilities for example laundry collection, reduced walking distances for both staff and residents, and most importantly in aged care a strong sense of orientation within the building. 

Strathhaven Nursing Home.


Originally a historic family home the residence had found itself over the years carved into unsatisfactory resident bedrooms and nursing facilities. Transformed to its former glory the building now houses the central offices for Uniting Aged Care and forms a welcoming entrance to the nursing home facilities.


As part of this first stage additional bedrooms have also been created within the nursing home and existing facilities upgraded to meet current standards.


Corumbene Nursing Home.

Corrumbene Nursing Home is a 73 bed facility located at New Norfolk in the Denwent Valley. At the time it was built in 1993, the design of the home was much acclaimed for its use of vernacular materials and forms and internally a theatrical use of rural building streetscapes to line bedroom corridors. 



While visually engaging these internal forms overtime have proved highly impractical and costly to service and have therefore been abandoned in subsequent stages. CDA have been engaged to undertake a masterplan for the whole site and resolve a number of operational issues associated with the original planning and design. 

As part of this exercise, works undertaken have included partial upgrading of the 12 bed secure dementia section including resolving overheating issues within the wing, the addition of 2 new bedrooms and a secure dementia garden.

The recent construction of a new 8 bedroom nursing wing has been designed by CDA as Stage 1 of the masterplan works. The design is sympathetic to the original design vernacular externally and internally creates a homely environment through a combination of natural light, tactile finishes , colour and intimate communal spaces. The construction was completed in July 2012 and met both the time frame and budget constraints.

Cygnet Primary School.


With funding provided by the Federal Government BER stimulus program, works Upgrade of Existing Facilities for a new library space were commissioned for Cygnet Primary School. The opportunity was taken at the time to also address existing problems with orientation and inadequate administration facilities by creating a new front entrance and much needed street identity for the school.


The biggest challenge presented was location. The site was crowded with poor connection between facilities and little available playground.

Central access to classrooms and after hours community access were a major requirement and were achieved by utilising a shaded and restricted through way between buildings

Existing pedestrian routes were enhanced and reinforced around the new building with covered walkways and garden spaces.


The library itself accommodates the narrow site with a mezzanine floor level that houses staff resources and serves to provide a high level of indirect natural light to the library space. 

An automated system adjusts high level windows to assist natural ventilation and control heating and cooling.


Bella Donna Hair & Beauty.


With a very limited budget and compressed time for installation, this renovation has managed to completely transform the previously dated interior. The brief was to improve work flow on the salon floor and to redesign the layout of the upstairs beauty rooms and staff room. 


Although the salon floor area has not changed, through thoughtful design and material choices, the place appears bigger and brighter. Included in the renovation was a new glazed shopfront and new illuminated signage, all of which has streamlined the appearance of the salon. 


The choice of the Flora feature tile is an elegant touch. 



Accommodation Building.

The aim was to fit twice as many people into the available sleeping quarters, and provide them with personal space.  A complete renovation of all the existing surfaces and finishes, bathrooms and bedrooms and the design of all the joinery enabled the brief to be met.

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